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Embroidery gives a professional, long lasting and high quality finish. It will not fade and always maintains a clear finish, it is a great way to promote your company, team kit or personal kit.

Heat Transfer Vinyl is great for waterproof jackets, or bulk items to keep cost down. It is useful for personalising names and numbers on sport team kit to school leavers' hoodies to group excursions and beyond.

Below is an insight into some of the work we have completed to help you on your way to designing your bespoke kit and equipment.


Polos & T-shirts

Polo shirt and t-shirt  embroidery is the perfect way to create an everyday professional look. We make quality custom polos for lots of happy customers.



Embroidered jackets are the staple of promoting your business or brand, with unique impact. Whether you're a business, sports team or simply looking to make your own custom jacket we are happy to help.



We can personalise almost anything! From baby blankets to surgical scrubs, kid's hi-vis tabards to air flight suits & much more.

We can help you to create something that is truly unique; whether you just need your idea coming to fruition or working from scratch.


Caps & Hats

Embroidered caps and hats are a popular choice for uniforms, workwear or fashion and are an excellent way to develop a distinctive look for your brand.



We are an embroidery business that loves all things equine! Saddle pads and rugs can be embroidered with names, logos & designs. These make great gifts for riders & effective marketing for equine businesses.


HTV Printing

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a great option for waterproof gear and bulk orders to keep cost down. 

It's a useful tool for supplying cost efficient everyday workwear. Also a good choice for items that will see messy or hard use, such as hi-vis wear to stable drapes.

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